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50 sentences

word salad

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one fandom
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The idea for this community was blatently stolen from 1character and 1sentence, which started the one-liner phenomenon.

The new layout is faceon's code.

Pick a claim and write 50 sentences, what could be more painless? This community is now unmoderated. You do not have to have a claim approved before posting. The claimed list has been deleted.

1 fandom, 1 theme set, 50 sentences. There are 10 theme sets. When you make your claim, you will pick a fandom and a theme set.


0. When you post your sentences, please include the fandom and the theme set number in the title of the post. This is the most important rule.

1. Anything goes: you can write about any character, pairing, group, object, idea, whatever you want, as long as it's within your fandom. You can use as many characters as you want. The only thing you may not do is mix theme sets.

2. Any rating is acceptable, but anything for mature eyes only must be labeled as adult (or R or NC-17 or some equivalent).

3. The themes are just guidelines. Go mad.

4. You must post all 50 sentences in one post, and you must include this information:

       Theme Set:

       Put an lj-cut or fake cut to your sentences. Learn how here.

Please link back to the comm if you crosspost your sentences.

5. Ask questions at the FAQ.

[Theme Sets]
Click here to see the themes.

Everything you need:
     completed claims
     fic archive

Since this is ultimately a writing style excercise, here are some links that may be of use:
     The Semicolon
     Poetic Sense: Sound & Imagery
     Comma Splices, Fused Sentences, and Run-ons
     Word Choice


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