Nero Wolfe, Theme Set 5

Fandom: Nero Wolfe
Done For: 1fandom
Theme Set: 5
Rating: G-R for language, violence, and sexual content
Warnings: Spoilers for both the TV show and the book series. Also, there’s a sprinkling of both slash and het pairings in among the sentences.
Disclaimer All characters, the universe they inhabit, and the lines in the cut text are the property of Rex Stout, and we thank him for his creations.

( I could list five good reasons why I should have quit that job long ago, but I could list six, equally good, why I shouldn’t and haven’t. Turning it around, I could list two reasons, maybe three, why Wolfe should fire me, and ten why he shouldn’t and doesn’t. Of the ten, the big one is that if I wasn’t around he might be sleeping under a bridge and eating scraps. He hates to work. It has never been said right out, by either of us, that at least half of my salary is for poking him, but it doesn’t have to be. )
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