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Too Hostile, Tron: Legacy, Set 9

Title: Too Hostile
Fandom: Tron: Legacy
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Crack and slash mentioned.


40. Curious

Clu woke up abruptly to a cold nose and wet tongue, the four legged creature Sam called Marv stood on his chest studying him with shiny eyes.

03. Glue

The creature followed him around like a bit, a loud bit, demanding to be touched.

16. Metaphor

Clu was convinced that taken to the Grid Marv would actually be a bit, there just wasn't enough code for it to be anything more.

49. Belong

"He likes you," Sam explained with a warm smile Clu had never seen before.

35. Shiver

Clu didn't give a damn what the creature liked, he just wanted Sam to look at him with that smile that sent shivers down his spine.

26. Hope

"How about you?" Clu asked, not waiting for an answer as he dragged Sam close enough to kiss.

12. Dream

Sam's lips were soft under his, but his body was anything but that as Clu ran one hand under his shirt.

45. Desire

Sam gasped and pulled away, eyes bright with lust but mouth forming denials, "No, Marv's watching."

09. Don't

"So don't look at him," Clu said impatiently as he was pushed back.

47. Color

"It just feels wrong," Sam explained, a bright red flush working its way up his neck, "like having your kid catch you having sex."

15. Green

Marv took up far too much of Sam's time and attention, a single bark was enough to send Sam running to find out what was wrong.

14. Enough

Marv, Clu decided, had to go, the bit-brained dog was a hazard to Clu's health, his mental sanity, and his libido.

50. Bully

The one time Sam had caught him being 'mean' to Marv he'd spent the night on the couch continuously pushing the dog away from him.

42. Smooth

It had to appear to be accidental, something that couldn't be pinned on Clu later.

05. Fame

Clu waited until the young CEO left for work, confident he'd have all day to complete his plan.

20. Unrequited

Marv's stumpy tail wagged furiously as Clu entered the room, the silent indicator that told him the bit-brained mutt was glad to see him.

28. Pastel

The foil crumbled under his fingers as Clu tore open the colored packaging of the candy leftover from some User holiday he hadn't paid any attention to.

23. May

Marv begged, getting up on his back legs and jumping around Clu like he was a pole.

01. Crave

It was amusing how the malformed creature could want so badly a substance that was reputed to be poison for it's kind, Clu chuckled and fed Marv another egg-shaped bit of chocolate.

44. Damn

Half a pound of chocolate and Marv was prancing around as if all was right in the world, Clu had clearly been lied to about the substance being dog poison.

06. Instant

The next plan was quick and Clu moved before it'd even finished taking shape.

13. Action

Clu scooped Marv up in one hand and strode outside, ignoring the chocolate mess and Marv's excited barking.

08. Fish

The dog was light and sailed in a perfect arc from the pier into the water, plopping down with a satisfying splash.

30. Sorrow

Clu felt his hopes sink as a tiny head bobbed to the surface and began to make it's way back, occasionally turning in circles as the mutt clearly enjoyed it's swim.

25. Wrench

Later, Clu would learn that all dogs where natural swimmers.

04. Wet

Marv scrambled up onto the pier, water running in a cascade off of it as Clu cursed.

27. Scent

He nearly gagged at the scent of wet dog and growled as it shook itself right in front of him, soaking the bottoms of his pants in the smell.

10. Ego

Clu refused to admit defeat, he'd derezzed more programs than a User could count, one little creature wasn't going to stand against him.

31. Path

The ball bounced off the curb and shot into traffic Marv right behind it, Clu grinned, "Oops."

11. Flow

The plan was perfect, Marv's reaction was predictable, but the problem was with the cars that were braking and avoiding the dog as it trotted back to Clu.

18. Demand

Marv dropped the slobbery ball triumphantly and barked, rear wagging and clearly expecting the ball to be thrown again.

22. Far

Clu scowled and kicked the ball back out --for the fourth time-- into traffic, just how many times did he have to do this before someone ran the mutt over?

02. None

Clu gave up when Marv plopped down at his feet panting and refused to chase the ball again.

48. Visit

The alley and barrel caught Clu's attention on the way back from a failed attempt to run through the highway.

17. Teach

You can't teach an old dog new tricks was apparently true, because no matter how many treat he held over the fire of the burning barrel Marv resolutely stayed on the ground.

32. Wood

"I'll throw him for you," the dirty man who fed more fuel into the fire eventually said.

43. Right

"No," Clu threw the burnt snack into the barrel and glared at the whining mutt, "it has to be an accident."

37. Body

And he'd still need a body to present at the end of the day, perhaps it was best that Marv hadn't immolated after all.

29. Artist

"No one has to know," the man grinned, his blackened teeth standing out against his white beard, "I'm creative about these things."

34. Yet

Clu considered the offer for an entire minute before reluctantly putting it aside as a last resort.

24. Breadth

It was clear that Clu lacked the expertise needed to get rid of Marv, he simply didn't know enough about the User world yet.

36. Hero

Marv immediately joined him on the couch, small head resting on his leg and looking up at him with stupidly adoring eyes.

19. Inspire

The internet proved to be a waste of time, all mentions of accidental death were related to Users and not dogs.

21. Classic

The poisons were intriguing to read about but he doubted they'd work when chocolate hadn't fazed the mutt.

46. Ritual

After finding himself on a page that described how to get rid of a breed of dog called Hellhounds, Clu was forced to admit he wasn't going to find anything useful.

33. Acceptance

Clu stared in disgust down at the sleeping mutt curled against his leg --still breathing-- admitting to himself he might just have to accept the inevitable.

07. Hold

"Hey," Sam said, arms coming around from behind the couch, Clu quickly exited out of the page he'd been browsing, "What're you doing?"

38. Man

"Reading about dogs," Clu answered truthfully and let himself lean back against the warm line of Sam.

41. Different

"You wore him out," Sam laughed in his ear, lips brushing the skin lightly as he pulled Clu up, "C'mon let's go upstairs."

39. Pretend

Maybe he could stand the mutt a little just for this.

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